Saturday, 23 April 2011

Good Friday fun!

I had a fab day yesterday! My nephew is down so my sister invited us to a BBQ on the beach. We went to Priory bay which is a wonderful little secluded beach that most of the tourists don't know about! It's so pretty there, you walk through the woods to get there and when you step out from the trees you see this beautiful expanse of blue sea that makes you feel you are somewhere in the Mediterranean rather than the good ole Isle of Wight!

(blogger would not put this photo up the right way!)

This is my son and daughter

My hubby and me, rare for me to get in a photo!

My toes!

The view from my beach towel!

The kids having fun

Hope you all have a great Easter weekend

Sami x


Carmen said...

Lovely to see a piccy of you Sam!

What a gorgeous sandy beach - ours are all stony round here.

LadyBug said...

Arrrrr a lovley afternoon on the beach!!! just perfect!!!!! So have they fixed the steps down to the beach now? or is this not the beach where the lovely tree is laying in the water?

Sherry Edwards said...

Are you sure that's the IOW? LOL, what a fantastic view - and place! I've only been to the IOW once but it's one of my hubby's favourite places.

Your photos are lovely - wishing you all a Happy Easter xx

Lorraine said...

great photos and hope your enjoying this bank holiday too

Sarah said...

Wow! Your photos are stunning. The Isle of Wight looks incredibly tropical. I might just have to book some time off work and take a holiday there *laugh* (the number of hours I'm working these days I will actually have to book a holiday to be able to see anything but the inside of my office!!! I miss the Isle...) xx

Gez said...

Oooh beautiful pics. I spent my honeymoon in the IOW 21 years ago!
We love the Island so much. Beautiful that our paths have crossed. Have a great week. Gez.xx