Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Quickie M3 post

Here is what I have done so far on Tam's Magical Mythical Makings course.
First I chose a Goddess to paint and wrote about it in my art journal.
We are doing paintings inspired by Gustav Klimt so I printed some pictures of his work to stick in my journal and practised some of his 'doodles'.
Then I practised my front facing portrait.

Then I did a page of what I hope my canvas will look like and explored the themes we were given this week.
I then started on my BIG canvas-20x30 inches-scary!!
Sami x


Lorraine said...

wow these are superb..cant pick which one I like the best as they are all magical.

those fabric art panels are really cheap..she is selling them for $3!! tell her I recommended them!

Carmen said...

Gorgeous Sam. The canvas is going to be stunning!

laurie said...

what beautiful work - i can't wait to see your painting as it progresses. sounds like a fun class.

Faerielore said...

This is amazing, i really wish i could paint like this, cant wait to see the canvas finished xxxx

sorayaquartz said...

This looks amazing already Sam x cant wait to see the finished article xx

Sherry Edwards said...

What great inspiration - Klimt! Your journal page is gorgeous and I'm betting your canvas will be too!

LadyBug said...

Your work is wonderful Sami, and I love that I not only get to see it here on your blog but in real life as well :) That HUGE!!! canvaslooked well scary in your craft room!!! I am looking forward to being able to see it during the stages of creation.

Carmen said...

So far just playing in my journal - my canvas, my scary BIG canvas, is down the unit so will start on that this week. I'm drawn to his image of the woman holding the mirror up so have been fiddling around with varients on that - I really love the one of the woman curled up in a ball sleeping but that's no good for this lesson. Not sure what Goddess she would symbolise _ i like the idea of her being a look at yourself, change yourself kind of thing... hmm.

Trece said...

Now I understand - Klimt is the inspiration!! WOW, I am so impressed!!