Friday, 14 January 2011


I wanted to share this page, even though its very personal.
I know I am extremely biased, but my son is such a wonderful child! He is kind, caring, loving, compassionate, has really high moral standards, extremely bright (9.6 grade average and he's only 13!) and just generally a great kid! Everyone that meets him thinks he's wonderful, which is why I find it so hard to understand why he's bullied.
He was bullied so severely at age 5 that he had to see a child physciatrist. It took a long time but he came through the other side of it, not the person he was going to be, but maybe a better person?
He is the reason that I started a support group for parents of children that had been bullied, which I ran for 5 years. I hate bullying, it takes so much from you and makes you vunerable.
Since starting at high school there have been a group of kids who bully him on a daily basis, calling him names, hassling him on the bus on the way home and videoing it. They have been spoken to and parents have also been told but it doesn't deter them for long.
Caleb has been so strong, he doesn't let them see that it's upsetting him, but when he gets home it all gets too much for him.
I have taught him to put up a protection bubble around himself. I have told him that bullies are cowards, they know that they are inadequate and they take their insecurities out on other people. I've told him he is the better person in all this and to try and ignore them. I have also told him that because I was bullied I know that nothing I am saying helps.
I am so cross that he is hurting and I can't help him. I did this page for him this morning. I have scanned it and printed it out small for him so he can keep it in his wallet, knowing that its there and what it says will help him to visualise his bubble and stay strong.
The words read:
You are safe, you are protected, nothing can harm you. You have the Goddess' love and the best protection of all, my love, a mothers love is the most powerful protection there is. You are better than them Caleb, you have a true heart, a kind and loving heart. You are powerful, you have strength, compassion, honour and truth within you and no one can take that away. Stay strong, stay true, safe in the knowledge that you are loved. Let their negativity bounce off your shield, don't let it touch your heart. Keep this bubble of protection around you, it will cloak you from their hurtful actions and keep you true to yourself. Let your aura shine so bright it dazzles them into submission. I love you.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings,

Sami x


Sarah said...

Kids are awful! Bullies are such cowards and i dont know why such behaviour has to exist. Your protection bubble words are strong though and Caleb has the strength of his family behind him to support him. It makes me angry that people dont take responsibility for their childrens actions where bullying is concerned. Hope things get better for him xxx

Jamie said...

How heartbreaking, I hate bullies. How lucky your son is to have your support and good advice.

LadyBug said...

Pass me the tissues!!! Sam you really need to get back onto the school, I know Ka doesn't want a fuss made and I understand why. but if the kids are videoing him and bullying him still when on the bus you need to let the police know and tell the parents you will be taking further action if it doesn't stop. Ka is (as is Bee) such a FAB kid and I love them both to bits. Just let me get my hands on the bullying little so & so's!!!!

sorayaquartz said...

That has made me cry, i hate to think of Ca being bullied it breaks my heart. If i had my way i would go to the school and sort the little buggers out myself! You should be so proud of your kids sam they are so kind and loving a true reflection of your good parenting.
Love and light xxxx

Sherry Edwards said...

Oh Sam, that is such a shame. I don't understand bullies at all and it must be so very hurtful and emotionally upsetting.

Your bubble idea is wonderful as are your words and I really hope they help or are some comfort to your beautiful boy.

I've just read the comments above mine and it all sounds like very good advice. I hope something can be done soon to stop all the nastiness.

laurie said...

your journal page is so powerful and i know it will give your son strength. the school i work at is trying so hard to eliminate bullying but it still exists. we have cameras on all our buses now but it is impossible, as teachers, to be everywhere. i hope caleb's situation improves and that his experiences bring him wisdom for the future.

Carmen said...

I don't know how I missed this post, just checked after I read your most recent post. It makes my blood boil it really does. Like you I was bullied and as a result left school at 15, gave up on my dreams of going to art college, let them win basically and it was years before I gained the confidence to not KEEP letting people walk all over me. Only now do I feel like I am getting back on the path I should have been on then.

I agree with what everyone else has said above Sam, he's so lucky to have you and you him. I hope the situation improves for him.

Lorraine said...

this is every parents nightmare you would rather have them bully you than your child..but Caleb has got such a strong mum in you and this will help him get through but I also think you need to get in to the school and get this sorted out now before it escalates any more and if you dont get a decent answer off them take it to the education authority or ofsted etc

Teresa said...

Sam, Ca (and Bee) are reflections of yourself,this must be heartbreaking for you all. I will send up my thoughts to the Goddess and ask for her protection. BB