Tuesday, 20 April 2010

7Gypsies printer tray

This is the 7Gypsies printer tray that I altered last week, the one that started the search for REAL printer trays, that led to me purchasing two and spending upteen amounts at craft stores and junk shops to find vintage stuff to fill them!! Honestly...don't get started it costs too much!!

This little panel comes out and opens up and there are family quotes inside.
I have not stuck anything in yet. I think I am going to just use a little blue tak to hold them in place then if I get bored with it after a while I can just remove the panels and do different ones.
I looked at altered printers trays all over the internet for inspiration so if you've seen that I have done something similar to something you have done I apologise!!

This is some of the vintage type stuff I have pulled together for my REAL printer tray.

This is the £10 bargin one now it has been cleaned and polished.

This is the one I bought from ebay. I was going to relist it when we found the bargin ones but its sooo pretty I don't know if I can! This one has got little copper inserts on each tray and it had already been cleaned and polished.

Thanks for looking
Sam x


Sarah said...


This is gorgeous! I cannot wait to see what you do with your next printer tray project. Honestly, you ladies have really inspired me with your beautiful scrapbooks and project ideas. I wish there were more hours in the day so I could put all my new ideas onto paper.

Cannot wait for the next crop and to put my deposit down for the retreat in October ;0)


LadyBug said...

Simply STUNNING!!!!!!!!!
your tray looks amazing Sam! I LoVe it!!! I'm so pleased you did this and Inspored me to take the printer tray plunge! Loving all the bits and bobs you have so far hopefully we can find some more stuff tomorrow in East Cowes.

Angie said...

Wow your tray is amazingly beautiful ...and I cant wait to see the finished real tray

Carmen said...

It's just so beautiful Sam. Really can't wait to see what you do with the next one.

mayamoon said...

Hi Sam these tray are fantastic, you have excelled yourself, you must have had fun collecting the bits to go in them. Tx