Sunday, 18 April 2010

Extreme Makeover!

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a 7Gypsies printer tray to alter (photos to follow soon). I really enjoyed altering it so I started looking on ebay for a real printers tray. After losing my first bid I bought a buy it now one for £30. My sister then wanted one so went browsing around all the junk shops. She found this one man who said he had some and would sell them for £10 each to us, but he could not remeber where they were stored! He turned up at my sisters the next day with 4 trays (we had to get one for Paige and our other crafty friend, and of course I thought id have another one for that bargin price!). They are original trays so we could not believe the bargin price.
We spent all day yesterday scrubbing with methalayted spirit, woodworm treatment and bees wax polish to try and restore these beautiful trays.
Here they are before we started work on them.

They now look great and ready to use! I will post some more photos later. This project is definately going to take a while, we are all bidding all over ebay for vintage stuff to use in them!
If you have any ideas or links to printer trays you have altered please let me know. There are a lot of little holes to fill!!
Thanks for looking
Sam x

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Carmen said...

I have one! Not altered and all the holes are the same size on mine but it's just sitting there, waiting... watching me! I can't wait to see yours!