Saturday, 4 January 2014

New Year, New designs

 The Horned God of the forest, known by many different names through the ages.
Here he is surrounded by Oak leafs as we enter the light half of the year and he wears upon his head a crown of leaves. His beard turns into roots which wrap around a mottled agate cabochon at the base, connecting him to the Earth. His antlers point skyward, connecting him to the heavens.
Approx 9cms
Supplied with a brown adjustable cord
£20 plus P&P
 Horned Goddess of the forest, companion, lover, mother to the Horned God. She carries with her a tumbled green agate and is adorned with leaves and flowers to remind us of the birth of spring in the depths of winter.
She has a slight sparkle, approx 7.5 cm, supplied with an adjustable brown cord
£20 plus P&P
OR £35 if you purchase the Horned God and Goddess together.
 This Goddess surrounds a beautiful oval jasper cabochon. She has a tranquil, serene face, and is ready to bring calm and peace to the wearer.
£22.50 plus P&P
Approx 8.5cm supplied with an adjustable brown cord
Sweet swirl faced Goddess with a yellow/orange cabochon ( Not sure if it is carnelian as it's quite pale)
Approx 7cms
supplied with an adjustable brown cord
£18 plus P&P
Rutilated Quartz Goddess, surrounded with swirls and stars.
Approx 6 cms, supplied with an adjustable brown cord
£16.50 plus P&P

Please use the contact form if you are interested in purchasing any of these pieces.
Luna x

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