Friday, 23 December 2011

JOY days 17-22 and a very merry xmas!

A quick catch up on my JOY album

 Day 17-watching Bloodstone Dance Paige and Trav our good friends are in Bloodstone
 Day 17/18- Paige and Trav and wrapping the gifts
 Day 18/19-Thanks Sis and busy bees garden centre
 Day 19/20- tree decoration tradition and our Yule celebration(2 days early because of my birthday!)
 Day 20/21-Yule celebration (photo covered up because some people may not want their photo online) and Equals xmas party with the friendship group
 Day 21/22-photos from xmas party and Yule
 Day 22- up the Longstone at dawn
 Day 22 continued-my birthday celebrations and the wonderful dinner and cake my sister made for me
Day 22 continued- birthday tags and other bits from the day

Well, I am up to date but I will probably have to have a big catch up after xmas as from tomorrow it will be hectic!
I would just like to say a BIG THANKYOU to all the wonderful bloggers I follow for your inspiration and friendship and to the beautiful people who leave such lovely comments for me, and return again and again to my little blog! You don't realise how much your comments keep me going with my art and i really appreciate the time you take to comment.
Wishing you all a very  merry christmas and a happy new year!
See you soon
Sami x


craftattack said...

Happy belated birthday Sami! Glad you made it to the long stone; here it was so cloudy there was nothing to see of the sunrise, sad! Love your JOY album! Have a merry Xmas, and take good care of yourself, valerie

Sherry Edwards said...

Right back at ya lovely Sami! Wishing you and your family a lovely Christmas and all the very best for a Happy New Year xx

LadyBug said...

Your album is stunning Sami, I totally enjoyed having a thumb through it today over hot chocolate and tea cakes. I'm loving the mix of art journaling and photos in this years book. We will have to get together to make sure you spend a good few hours next week finishing this one ;) I hope you haven't eaten all those JELLYBEANS YET???

Carmen said...

Like Paige I'm sat here enlarging all your pages and having a good read while scoffing too but mine is cheese and oat cakes with a steaming mug of tea. Before bed too - I shall probably dream of zombies... oh wait, had a lush dream about Laurence Fox last night after a cheesy snack before bed... there were zombies too. He was very dashing in his rescue. Hmmm. Maybe I'll have a bit more!

Thank YOU too for your support, friendship, wicked sense of humour and inspiration Sam. Am so glad to have 'met' you!

Sarah said...

hi Sam - have just found out that you were my Secret Santa - thank you SO much, I LOVED my gifts. thank you thank you thank you :) :) :)