Saturday, 17 December 2011

JOY days 12-16

Just a quick catch up,
JOY albulm days 12-16
(Again, don't enlarge the first picture if you are of a sensitive nature as there are rude words, although some of my followers were annoyed that even after they had enlarged it they couldn't see them properly!!!!!)

 Day 12-another trip to the dreaded dentist
 Days 12 &13-visiting a friend in hospital and gift giving
 Days 13 &14-list of prezzies I have bought for people and friendship and community
 Day 14 &15-ladies of the friendship group and things I am grateful for
 Day 15&16-my gratitude list and one of my winter solstice poems. This page was inspired by this beautiful mandala on pinterest.
Day 16- My other winter solstice poem

Well, I am off to battle my way around the shops, I still need to pick up a couple of xmas gifts for people, and then I am going to watch my wonderful friends do some dancing in the town square with Bloodstone border Morris.
Sami x


Sherry Edwards said...

Not only does your journal look brilliant, it's a wonderful record of events. Enjoy your day x

... and no, I still can't see those words - lol x

craftattack said...

Lovely journal pages Sam, it looks very harmonious and happy! I have also had my share of dentists!! Take care, hugs, Valerie

LadyBug said...

Your journal is look wonderful!!! It was lovely to see you in town this afternoon... sorry I didn't dance for you ;) Thank you for getting me out with your camera, can't believe I forgot my memory stick!!!

Jamie said...

I'm almost giggling over the fact that something so beautiful could contain even one naught word.

Carmen said...

More gorgeous pages :) Love your book so much this year Sam! I did last year but even more this year.