Friday, 3 September 2010

Finding my style

I have done 3 pages in my art journal over the last few days. Two art journal books I ordered, creative wildfire and true vision by L.K Ludwig, have arrived and I have been pouring over them. I have tried several new techniques and am trying to find my style at the moment!

These two pages just started off with me doodling faces. I am quite pleased with them. I like using this folksy style of faces because then I don't have to be accurate with the details of the faces as they are very stylised.

I'm really pleased with this page, although the subject may be a little depressing! I used image transfer for the sitting lady and then coloured her in using water soluble crayons. I used some new stamps from Invoke Arts for all the little faces and then drew round them in boxes. The background was acrylic paint which had been scrapped across the page with an old loyalty card which gives a great effect.

Sami x


Jamie said...

So beautiful!

Lorraine said...

great expressive bright journal pages..must catch up on my journal one day! thanks very much for your comment about me being published..hoping to send lots more in now I have got the confidence

LadyBug said...

These are amazing Sami! I'm loving the new stamps and your new style of drawing people!

Carmen said...

Love everything about all of them - already I can see a definite style that's all yours. I love that bottom one and can definitely relate :)