Sunday, 29 August 2010

Trying new techniques

For this page I tried a new technique...image transfer. I have never done this before but was quite pleased with the results. The face and hands were from a magazine and I used gel medium to transfer the image onto my journal page.
I then coloured it using water soluble crayons and felt pens. The background was acrylic paint, the photo has not picked up the colours very well.
For this page I used a photo of my daughter taken yesterday, sitting on some rocks by a beautiful waterfall. Paige said she looked like a mermaid so I turned her into one!
I printed the photo out onto normal printer paper and then made a mermaids tail with fantasy film. I used a white pen to draw the scales on. The tail is more purplely/pinky than the photo shows. I used collage for the borders.
Thanks for looking
Sami x


helena said...

what fun to creat a mermaid with your daughter's torso - looks great

LadyBug said...

That image transfer is great!!! I thought you had draw her before i read the post! :) and Bee looks perfect as a Mer-girl :) I think I might have to do a LO of her at that waterfall she was having a great time splashing about in that water.