Sunday, 15 August 2010

Scrap with us

Scrap with us wk 24 was accsessorize
My DD had her ears pierced for her 10th birthday a couple of weeks ago. She has wanted them done for ages but each time I agree she changes her mind! I didn't think she'd go through with it this time but she was very brave and only whimpered a little! When I phoned to make the appointment the lady said to me 'we have a special on today, double piercing.' 'No, no I said she only wants one set of holes.' ' No' the lady said, 'what I mean is, there are two of us today so we pierce both ears at the same time, for minimum discomfort.' I thought this was a really good idea as seeing my DD's face when they pierced her ears, I don't know if she would have let them do the other one, then she would have been a bit lopsided!
PP was Echo Park and the journalling circle was My Minds Eye. My DD came up with the title which I so didn't get until I was sticking it down!
Wk 25 was Guilty pleasures
I had no idea what to do with this one. I thought about my guilty pleasures, taking a little nap on the sofa under my handmade quilt when no-ones about, my passion for peanut M&M's, my addiction to Twighlight, but I didn't know how to scrap any of that. We went out for lunch with the kids on friday and ended up having a pudding each as well. We never normally buy puddings if we eat out, it bumps the bill right up! When they arrived they looked so yummy that I took a photo of them!

PP was Cosmo Cricket material girl and October afternoon.
Wk 26 was Life's a beach
I took this photo on monday which was our first trip to the beach this summer! Living on an Island with the beach surrounding us, we tend to take it for granted. I must admit to prefering the beach in the winter, walking the dog on it when there are no holiday makers about!
Our friend from Sweden was down with her two boys, and my nephew was here for a week aswell though so we made an exception and took them to the beach. I love this photo with all their bums in the air while they concentrated so intently on digging their way through to the earths core!
PP was Echo Park and KI lace card stock. I must apologise for the photos as it is so dark and dismal today It was hard to get my LO without the flash bleaching out the photos.
Sami x


LadyBug said...

Great LO's Sami. I can't believe you got three done at the crop!!!!! :) I only just noticed..... where the photo of you eating your pudding?

Carmen said...

Brilliant pages Sam. We are the same with puddings but do indulge now and then :P I love the Ear Bling title.