Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Mushrooms and bugs!

When Paige kidnapped me on my birthday (to get me out the house while my sister made me a surprise dinner) we went to her house and made these little mushrooms. They were from another blog, sorry I don't know which one but you can probably find it on ladybugs blog. I thought they were really sweet and it got me thinking......

Could I make a ladybug for Paige? So last night I sat down and drew a pattern out, cut the pieces from felt and dadah....

A little lovebug ladybird for Paige!
I stuffed each black spot on her back and added a little felt heart to just to personalise her. The eyes are felt with a little black bead sewn on each one. I wanted to add her antene but felt didn't work for them and I only had white pipe cleaners, so she has no antene or legs, but she looks happy enough!

I am going to Paiges in a minute so I will take her along and hopefully she will cheer her up as Paige has a poorly shoulder at the moment.
Thanks for looking x


Carmen said...

She is fantastic and going to the perfect home for her too :)

LadyBug said...

I love her!!!!! Thank you Sami :)
I'm sure your printer will be here before the end of the week???? hopefully the snow will be gone by then?