Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Isle of WHITE!

Well, it started snowing here at 5pm yesterday and has only stopped for a few hours in between. The Isle of Wight NEVER gets loads of snow and I can only remember once in my 35 years where the snow lasted for more than 2 days.
We took the kids out in it last night for a play as we were worried it would all be gone by the morning but it was still here and its still snowing now. The only problem is the Island comes to a complete standstill. It had only been snowing an hour when the bus service on the Island was cancelled, leaving 50 people stranded at the bus station last night! Cars were being abandonded all over the place and there were 3 pretty serious accidents on the main Ryde to Newport road all before 7pm.
When I went to bed at midnight last night, I looked out of the window(to check the snow was still there!) and my neighbours across the road were outside building a mamouth snowman(Adult neighbours mind you!). I watched them for an hour and when they then produced a step ladder so they could put the head on it I had to go out and get some photos! So theres me in my PJs and wellies, in the street, in the snow, taking photos of my mad neighbours at 1.00 in the morning! They were having so much fun and I just thought how great, to keep that childish innocence when it comes to playing in the snow.
The photos were not great as it was dark....
This is Shay with his shovel, the other pics didn't come out well at all because Paul his Dad was wearing a reflective jacket which just kept bouncing the flash back at me, so this is the only good pic from last night, but....

this was the snowman at 8am this morning. Complete with scarf, carrot, buttons and a black bucket for a top hat! With the hat he is over 7 foot tall!

What a wonderful surprise for all the kids in the neighbourhood to wake up and find this giant snowman had materialised in the night!

Caleb playing in the snow


Willow and Diggory with their snowball legs.
Poor doggies, I didn't realise that the snow would form these huge clots on their legs. At one point willow couldn't walk properly she was so weighted down. We kept trying to get them off and they would just build up again so we cut our playtime short and brought them home and put them in a warm bath, a warm blanket and some food and they were fine. I don't think i will walk willow tomorrow even though she had so much fun leaping about.
I hope you are all having fun in the snow and keeping safe, thanks for looking x


LadyBug said...

even though the dogs didn't enjoy the snow balls my two had a great time and are totally shattered!!!!!

Carmen said...

We're the same - not as big and island as you and joined to the mainland by two bridges but when we get snow it's usually gone in a day or two. It hit us last night and all the schools are closed today, no trains, people have cleared the shelves in the shops. Same thing happened just before Christmas too. It does make me laugh.

That snowman is mahoosive!