Sunday, 10 February 2013

Long time posting and Rockin your World

Hello there! Many of you have probably forgotten who I am as it has been about 6/7 weeks since I last blogged or visited any of your blogs. Apologies for that, all I can say is that it has been an awful start to the year in our household and as such I have not had the time, energy or inclination to blog. (I will try to get round and catch up on your blogs in the next two weeks.)
So in an effort to pull myself out of this funk that has descended upon me, I have forced myself to do my rocking post because there have been a few shining moments, nothing huge, but then it tends to be the little things that add up doesn't it? And I have to remember that all is not bad, there are lots of gratefuls to be had, they are always there even when you have to look harder to find them and that's the whole point of Virginia's Rocking your world Friday!
So here goes...

(Photo is from a phone and for some reason blogger always puts them on the wrong way, if anyone knows how to sort this out please let me know!)
 * Gathering hag stones, pebbles and shells with Paige to make hag stone talismans and then going to the forest collecting sticks and plants for more crafty makes.

 * The kids and me went to a Wassail at a friends house. I had never been to one before and it was great fun, especially as the Morris dance group that she is part of were all there performing for us! A wassail is a fruit tree, normally apple, blessing to ensure that the trees produce a good harvest later in the year.

 * A snow day!! The Island rarely gets snow even if the rest of England is covered in it, so it was wonderful to wake up to the snow and find out that both the kids schools were shut so we could go out and play.
 The kids had so much fun on their sledges! I bought them two years ago and this is the first time it has snowed since.

 When Stu got in from work they all made a snowman together. His name was Derek and it took him 5 full days to melt away!

* Going to see Damh the Bard in Southsea with fantastic friends. He was just as amazing as last year when we went and this year we got there mega early and got better seats so we could see him as well as hear him this time!

 * Receiving this wonderful 'mini me' drawing from the wonderful Carmen. It is fantastic and I think it looks just like me!

 * Getting paid for this commission really brightened my day last week.

* Starting a new pair journal with Lou over at Collabor-ART. Really looking forward to this.

 * My son turning 16. Now I know this is a grateful but i was so emotional all day at the thought that my baby is not a baby anymore (even though he hasn't been a baby in a long time!). I am so proud of him, he is such a great boy, well behaved, polite, funny, smart, etc (Biased much??) He has had a tough month this month as well for reasons I wont go into but he has handled it amazingly well. Love you Caleb!

* The amazing and wonderful WW ladies! Thank you so much for supporting me the last few weeks, things have been tough and I am so thankful for your friendship and words of wisdom. You ladies really are the best.

* A wonderful, generous act of kindness from the lovely Carmen (link on her name above), left me in tears all day last week! Carmen knows Of all my stresses at the moment through the WW group and she signed me up and paid for me to do the 'Getting started with the Gelli plate' course run by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. I was overwhelmed by her kindness and it really has helped me pick myself up a bit this week. Thanks so much Carmen x x x

And here are some of the lush prints i made after watching all the videos on the Gelli arts course. I love how they all turned out.

* As always, I am grateful for my family. I don't know what I would do without them, always there when I need them. My hubby bends over backwards to make sure I'm ok, my kids make me smile everyday, my sister can always be counted on to call people bad names for me when I need her too (thanks Zoobs!) and my Mum and Dad have helped us enormously this month. I am also grateful to my friends, my friends that I chose to be family, thanks for everything this month, you know who you are and my online friends who have been fantastic and who I feel like I really do know in real life!!

Well, that's my rocking post. Not terribly long for 6 weeks, but its a start!
Hopefully I will be back to post next week and I will find time to catch up on all your blogs...sorry for being a bad blogger x
Sami x


laurie said...

so good to see you back on-line and hope all is getting better and better everyday. i love your gelli prints - in fact, they are the most attractive i have seen so far and make me more interested in doing some myself. take care!

craftattack said...

Sorry you've had problems, but it's good to see you back! Hugs, Valerie

Virginia said...

Sam so lovely to come back from work and find a Rocking post from you, love the rocking moments and gratefuls that you've had over the last few weeks, despite them being few and far between the ones you have had show how many people love and care for you! The WW group really is an absolutely amazing group and so good to rely on so many like minded people - simply bliss! Hope you have a fabulous day Hugs

Paige said...

Always here for you babes!!! like you are for me xxxxx

Carmen said...

Aw you know how to make a girl blush :)

Lovely to see you blogging again - have to agree with you about the WW group, it's been a rock.

Love your commission - just gorgeous and loving how chuffed the kids look with their snow day too.

Your hag stone (didn't know they were called that!) piccie is fab - even sideways :D

Big hugs xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam Thanks for your lovely message and I'm sorry your year has not got off to the best start. It's great that despite that you can still find the positives and I am sure things will get better.
Great to see you back blogging again.
Big love
Janette :-)

Anonymous said...

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Lindsay said...

Found you through instagram and just found out you're not only interested in paganism but in art journaling also. So glad to meet people with the same interests. :) Hi!

Anonymous said...

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The Extra Large Medium said...

I'm new to your blog, but I've been seeing your instagram for a while and would like to know how I contact you about buying some of your crafts and art. Do you have an email I can use?

Bright blessings