Saturday, 1 December 2012

Rocking your World for a month of Fridays!

Apologies, apologies, apologies! I have been a very bad blogger for not posting in a month and for not even managing to find the time to come and check out all the blogs I follow. I have been so busy with work and home life these last few weeks, anything I do for me has just slipped by the wayside.

So, catching up on Rocking your world Friday, hosted by the lovely Virginia.
In no particular order as I am just trying to remember everything...

*Park of the Dead was a fantastic experience, luckily I didn't get eaten by any of the zombies although they did scare the hell out of me! The event was put together so well, even the tiniest details were thought about to make the whole night fantastic. Will definitely be signing up for next year.

*I have taken some of my art work to a gallery on the Island, scary and I don't know if anything will sell, but the owner liked the stuff. I have another four paintings at a Christmas event at Ventnor Library, so possibly will have a little cash to buy art supplies after Xmas...I really want one of those gelli art plates!

*Helping my sister make her wedding bouquet using old brooches and flowers.

*Finishing the body and face of my fairy that I am making at fairy club and painting her face so she looks'real' now. Just have to dress her and give her some hair.

*Celebrating Samhain with friends and having our 'Ancestor' dinner afterwards.

*Going to see Breaking Dawn part 2 twice...soooooo good!

*Doing two hours of the Merenque at work on Wednesday. One of our members husbands teaches Latin dancing so he came in and gave us a class. I have not moved my hips so much in years!

*The reason for me being so neglectful of my blog-funding applications to keep my job. Have managed to secure funding for a little while longer, so the group keeps going and I get to continue working with such a wonderful bunch of women.

*Getting my  Painting back from the Collabor-art 'Pass the painting' swap. It looks fantastic and so great to see all the layers each person has added.

*Going to the book signing of a local authors new book

*Receiving a postcard from a friend

*Central heating, it has got soooo cold!

*Celebrating Diwali at the group. We all made Diwali lamps and then had a huge party with lots of food to celebrate this wonderful Hindu festival of lights.

 We each made wishes and were given a blessing each and then one of the women sang for us. It is so amazing to be able to celebrate and learn about all these different festivals and celebrations with such an amazing group of women.

*Getting tickets for Damh the Bard in January

*Completing all my Yule gifts and my Secret Santa present for Carmen's Secret Santa

*Great dinner conversations with the kids over the last few weeks, ranging from 'do we believe in the tooth fairy still' to 'being pressured into sex'- very big leap! (Shelby lost her last baby tooth and Caleb has just completed training at school to teach the younger children about peer pressure and sex in their PHSE lessons)

*Seeing Shelby perform in the annual show put on by the Dance academy school she attends. She was amazing, even if I do say so myself, doing a Hip Hop routine with the rest of her class. So proud of her! Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos during the show so had to make do with one of her afterwards.

*Seeing the first frost yesterday, always looks so beautiful

*Stu bought me a new phone as my very old one has finally died, but of course, I have no idea how to actually use it!

* Being asked to put together and a deliver an art journalling for beginners course by the Gallery that has taken some of my work. Very excited about the possibilities of this and am Just hoping that it actually happens.

* Finishing a commissioned painting for a friend this week of their handfasting.

There was obviously lots more that Rocked in the last month but I can't remember!!
I am going to link this up with Virginia and will try to get round to all the blogs I follow over the next few days.

Sami x


craftattack said...

Sounds like you have been a trifle busy! Glad you have had so many happy times! Hugs, Valerie

Virginia said...

Wow what a fabulous list of things - loving the photo of your at Samhain, loving the Diwali piccies, I bet your group is fabulous for learning about different cultures and religions, what a blessing to learn first hand! The merengue class sounds fabulous too - could do with a bit of exercise and that sounds fun!

Loving the photo of your daughter after dancing and WTG son for becoming a peer assessor - a big role!

I hope you have a blessed and beautiful week ahead and I'm glad you've put your bah humbug down because embracing the beautiful season really is something special.

All my love


Anonymous said...
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misteejay said...

What a lot of super positives during your month.

Love those colourful light holders.

Toni xx

Sherry said...

Lovely long post Sam and lots of good things going on! Take care xx

Sarah said...

I'm just pulling my every-third-week RYWF post together for tomorrow, and I realised I still haven't commented on last week's

I'm still super jealous about Park of the Dead - I would LOVE something like that. Trouble is everyone I know is a total wuss and won't go with me! Maybe I should invite myself over to the island next year?

Exciting stuff re the gallery taking your work, I hope they do a good job selling them :)

Your fairy, from what I've seen so far on Instagram, is awesome! Can't wait to see her all finished.

I hope there was some grub at your Samhain dinner as those bowls look empty :)

Keeping your job alive - fab news!

Love the Diwali lights - one thing I really miss now I've moved down to not-at-all-culturally-diverse Wiltshire, the Diwali celebrations in my old home town of Coventry used to be brilliant

And congrats to both your kiddies on dance recital successes and new responsibilities

take care

Sarah x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam - Great to see you post again, but wow you've been busy! I'm so glad you got funding for your group it really sounds fantastic. Good news about the Gallery too, are we allowed to know which one it is?
What a coincidence! I am going to be doing an Introduction to Art Journaling workshop for Ryde Arts Festival next summer! Tomorrow (Saturday) I will be down at St Thomas Church for the RAF green wreath making day, I've offered to do the teas! I will also have some of my journals there to see if people are interested in joining me for a workshop in the summer.
Yes it probably was me with the clip board, if you see me again please say hello. I hope I'm not scarey, in fact in real life I'm a bit shy and timid.
If you are near St Thomas church tomorrow drop in and say hello, it would be great to meet you.
Take care, big love
AJ (Janette :-))

Carmen said...

I reckon I know who that painting was for :) It's amazing and gorgeous and captures the pictures I've seen of the day just beautifully.

So happy about the funding, what a relief that must be. And also about the gallery - how exciting!

I can't wait to see your finished fairy - wow you've all been so busy. Am going to try and get a post together but have done... well... booger all!

Hope you are having an amazing week. Is pressie still unopened??