Thursday, 13 October 2011

Long time no blog

Helllllloooooooo! I have not blogged in over a month, dam blogger is still playing me up-am I the only one now? I have tried everything I can find but none of the so called 'fixes' have fixed it. I still have to sign in with internet explorer to post new stuff, but sign in with firefox to follow links to other peoples blogs and comment-what's going on?? I don't want to have to move my blog to another blog host site as 1: I can't be bothered, 2: I am still a bit of a techniphobe and 3:Blogger should fix this problem!
Anyway, enough ranting. I have been arting although not as much as usual (dam Pinterest!). Pinterest is such an inspiration but I find myself spending hours on there oohing and aahing over everything creative and then not actually creating anything myself!
I have started on a series of 3 canvas's (the canvas's were kindly given to me by Sarah's mum, thank you!).
They will be abstracty sort of paintings of the Maiden, Mother and Crone. They represent the stages of womanhood, the phases of the moon and the seasons.
 The Maiden is young and fresh, spring is her time and the waxing moon is her phase.
 Her energy is new and exciting and somewhat untamed (shown by the swirls).
 Finished piece

Close up of face

 The Mother has matured and is in her nurturing stage and the full moon phase (which you can't really see behind her head in this photo!). She is the end of summer and autumn and the harvest time. Her energy is more tamed and in control. I am hoping to get this one finished at the weekend and then I will make a start on the Crone.

I had a new tattoo done yesterday. I have been wanting a dragonfly tattoo on my wrist for a few years now as dragonfly is my totem animal but have never found the right one. The ones I like are big, detailed and beautiful so in making them small enough for my wrist they would lose all the detail that made them so pretty.
I went with Paige yesterday while she got her tattoo done and while browsing through the designs I found this little fellow. I asked them to change the colours for me as it HAD to be purple and I wanted the turquoise for the body. I am really pleased with it!
I have not managed to get my October calendar page done yet but I am making a note of what I have been up to each day so hopefully I can catch up, It seems silly to have kept up this far and not finish now.

Sami x


Sherry Edwards said...

I'm sorry you're having so much bother with Blogger - I had a bit of trouble commenting on some blogs the other day, but apart from that (fingers crossed) everything seems fine. Hope you get it resolved soon.

Your canvases are AMAZING!!! You are such a talented artist. The designs are so striking and I love the bright colours you used too.

Oh my, a tattoo - you are the brave one - lol. It looks great though.

Look forward to seeing your next calendar page once it's done xx

craftattack said...

Nice to see you back again, and your moon phased ladies are great! Valerie

Lorraine said...

sam I had the same problem with blogger too.I remember it had something to do with letting you computer accept cookies from 3rd parties..good luck. Like your latest piece and thanks very much for your lovely comment

LadyBug said...

I'm loving these paintings Sam and am so looking forward to being able to see them IRL as they develop. Thank you for coming along to the tattooists with me yesterday I'm over the moon with mine and so pleased you got yours as well :) when's our next visit?????

laurie said...

your paintings are beautiful, as are your descriptions of them. i can't wait to see the entire trio.
i have a tattoo on my wrist, also. i'm glad you found your dragonfly.

Lorraine said...

love the eyes on these paintings and the colours..glad your tattoo isnt itchy looking as some I see are very sore looking