Sunday, 24 July 2011

Lino cut stamps

I have been making handmade stamps all weekend!

I needed some wheat and poppy stamps for my August page of the calendar challenge and couldn't find any I liked anywhere so decided to make my own. Luckily the one and only art supply shop on the Island had the tools and the lino, which was excellent as once I've made my mind up to do something I have to do it right NOW!!

I had done lino cutting before, many years ago at school, so I refreshed myself by watching a couple of youtube videos,( picked up some good tips such as heat the lino first as it makes it softer and turn the lino rather than the tool) and got started.

Here are the results.

Test stamping on printer paper

I am really pleased with how well they have turned out!

Now I am after some STAEDTLER MASTERCARVE CARVING BLOCK which apparently is a lot easier and smoother to cut. I have only found one UK site (Lawrences) that stocks it and they were going to charge me £14.99 for delivery because I live on the Isle of Wight...hello, we are still part of the UK and Royal mail and parcel force charge no extra to post here!!
So if anyone knows where else I can get it from in the UK please let me know!


Sami x


Diane said...

Hi Sam,

Those stamps look great! I never think of anything like that :)

If you can't find any other suppliers of the carving block, let me know and I don't mind if it's sent to me to then send on to you (or bring with me in September if you don't mind the wait).

Looking forward to our next meetup,


craftattack said...

Lovely stamps, lino cutting is such fun! And remember, always cut away from yourself, and don't put your hands in front of the cutter - I still have the scars from that! Valerie

Sherry Edwards said...

I'd stick with the lino Sam - your results are sooooo professional! Absolutely great job!

I remember doing some lino cutting back at school all those years ago too!

LadyBug said...

Sam!!!! These are just AMAZING!!!!! what a clever stick you are!

thekathrynwheel said...

Your hand made stamps are amazing, and so nice to know that no-one else will have those stamps! Can't wait to see your finished calendar page using the stamps :-)

Carmen said...

Wowowowowowow! Love them! Wow again!

Love the closed seed pod one - so amazing Sam!

Lorraine said...

fantastic carving have never tried this the poppy one. have spotted this on amazon dont know if its any good

patcrafts said...

Amazing hand made stamps, just love them.