Thursday, 30 June 2011

Back Home and some art!

Hello! I have been a bad blogger the last few weeks. Firstly, I am still having major issues with blogger. I have to log on through internet explorer if I want to post anything, but log on with firefox if I want to comment on anyones blog. I have tried everything anyones suggested to me but to no avail. As you can imagine it's peeing me off so I have just been avoiding it!

Secondly, we moved back home two weeks ago, so I have been unpacking and settling us back in. I did manage to find some time this week to do a little art.

This is an art journal page inspired by a canvas I saw on Pinterest (yes, I am addicted to that site now!) The original canvas I saw is pictured on this blog She had used rolled up pieces of paper and covered the canvas with them. I liked the idea so used it on the bottom of art journal page. I also used stamps, stencils and rubons and a little dragonfly transparency, and of course TH tissue tape which I love.

Also on Pinterest, my sister had pinned a quote I thought was really nice so I decided to do a canvas with the quote on. This was a canvas I had started for something else and didn't like so I first gessoed over it before layering with paint, stencils, spray ink, stamps, more tissue tape and white pen. I wanted to use thickers for the journaling but of course, I didn't have enough e's!! Thats why I bought a Cricut so used that instead for the wording. The other words were stamped onto old book paper and cut out.

I really enjoyed doing this and I am going to hang it in the porch as a daily reminder to my family!

It is so nice to be back home. We spent 18 weeks in a tempory 2 bedroom house. The kids had to share a room which meant that they argued on a daily (hourly!) basis. 70 % of our stuff was in storage all that time and it just didn't feel like home. I know we are a lot luckier than some people, we did have a roof over our heads, but I am just so glad to be home. The house looks lovely as because the damp was so extensive the whole of the downstairs had to be replastered after the damp work which meant that it is now all freshly decorated. We have new flooring, which we paid for ourselves which looks lovely (our old carpet was ruined by the damp). The housing association also put a new kitchen in, we were due this over two years ago but they wouldn't do it until the damp had been done. We have also decorated all the bedrooms so the house looks all new and shiny! I don't know how long it will stay that way with 2 kids and 2 dogs, but hopefully at least a few weeks!

Here are a couple of photos.

New kitchen

Front room

Craft room

Craft room.

The best bit about being home is I have my craft room back! Its freshly painted, I have lovely vinyl on the floor that looks like laminate but its a washed out blue colour that looks like beach huts. I have a blind at the window instead of an old curtain that was stuck to the ceiling with drawing pins! I have space to create again so hopefully my mojo will return!!


Sami x


Sarah said...

Didn't realise you were back home now. Thats fab news. It is looking lovely. And great to have your craft space back too x x

Sherry Edwards said...

Your home looks lovely Sam, all new and shiny - especially the craft room!!! No wonder you've been at work in there already - love the journal page and the quote is great!

Poppit said...

beautiful artwork. (and now I too am in love with pinterest!). :-)

Lorraine said...

love this page..I too have had problems all my bookmarks have just disappeared with firefox.ahhhh!

LadyBug said...

With the beautiful Journal page you have been creating lately it certainly looks like your mojo has returned to you :) I'm so pleased you have finally been able to move back home, and how pretty your "new" house is :) Pintrest rules!!!!! Blogger however is a great big FAIL!!! at the moment!!! Px

Carmen said...

Oh where to begin?

Love that journal page - love that you showed where the inspiration came from. ADORE that canvas (guess what my latest pin is?) and with your permission am going to totally nick that idea. Craig recently said he'd like some of my stuff for our walls!! I know! I had to pick myself up from the floor. I think I saw that quote on pinterest but it had something about God in the one I saw and we aren't religous. Love your version much better!

SO jealous of your kitchen. Drawers - what I wouldn't give for just one drawer in my kitchen. Your craft room is gorgeous - welcome back :D