Thursday, 26 May 2011

Whats going on??

Blogger is really playing me around today! I can't seem to comment on anybodys blog, it says I am not signed in, but when I try to sign in it doesnt do anything! My email address normally appears on the top bar when I am on my blog, but even though I am on my blog it just says sign in. When I click on sign in it takes me to my dashboard where I am already signed in.
I have been trying to comment on peoples blogs for a couple of days now and everytime I click on post comment it asks me to sign in, which I do, I am taken back to my comment and asked to sign in again! Can anyone help me before I throw my computer out the window????
Sam x


Carolyn Phillips said...

I don't know what the problem is, but I do know that an awful lot of people are having problems with blogger at the moment and that it appears to be a blogger problem that the techies there are working on.

helena said...

blogger help forum says it is a known problem but that is since the 24th and no sign of a solution yet.

I seem to be able to comment on blogs that I have been commenting on for a long time but have the same problem as you on blogs that I have added recently.

Very frustrating

craftattack said...

We all seem to be having probs, Blogger is really playing up. Today it's working better for me, but don't throw away the computer, it's blogger, not you! Valerie