Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Scrap with us wk 23

Just a quickie post!
Wk 23 of Scrap with us over on the Wight craft circle blog
'Cherry on top'
These photos are of my son showing his teams display at the Island wide Boat project competition and then enjoying the days sailing they were awarded for being the overall winners! I must admit to juggling these photos to fit the challenge, I have said in my journalling that 'the cherry on top for all the hard work was being the winners and going sailing for the day'! It sorta fits doesn't it? And I used PP with cherries on!

This is just a little gift I made for a friend this afternoon. She is teaching me Reki and shes doing my first attunement on friday. We have agreed on exchanges of energy for payment, she does this for me and I do something for her. As she has just moved house I thought I would do her a wallhanging. I think I might make her some little notecards as well.
Sami x


LadyBug said...

Loving the colours sam!!! that mini bunting looks great and goes really well with the sail theme of the photos!!! and YES it fits the challenge!!! C will love her HOME hanging I'm sure it looks great! I can see you have been getting to grips with your Cricut some more :)

Carmen said...

Both are gorgeous projects Sam :D I love the different shaped bunting on the page and love that you are 'swapping energies' so much better than dirty cash. I'd love to hear how your atunement goes.