Saturday, 27 February 2010

Quickie post

I went over to Paige's (Ladybird) this week and we made these lovely roses. We watched a youtube demo on someones take of the Tim Holtzs grunge paper roses and thought 'we could do that!'
We didn't have grunge paper but turned to our trusty Costco papers, we didn't have distress inks either so just used regular chalk inks. We did have some glimmer mist and plenty of stickles to play with. Most importantly we didn't have the Sizzex die we needed! So Paige did some magical computer copying and enlarging and presto we printed out the die!

We were well impressed with how the roses turned out!
I got home and made mine into a rose on a stem for my sister as it was her birthday and shes stuck in hospital at the moment. (She had already had her present which was crafting supplies at the retreat last weekend so I wasn't being stingy by just giving her a rose!)

I painted a wooden kebab skewer green with acrylic paint, stamped and inked some leafs and attached them to the stem and decorated a jam jar to put it in. I wanted a bottle but didn't have one, I know it looks a bit lost in a jam jar!
Me thinks I will be making lots of these little roses!
Thanks for looking x


Carmen said...

I can tell you now even if someone gave me something like this as a main present I wouldn't think it stingy at all. How gorgeous. And what a different thing to receive when in hospital than the normal grapes or flowers.

LadyBug said...

I see many more crafting days in the future :) I had a great time with you making these I think we might have to make more visits to youtube to see what we can try our hand at.

Carmen said...

I am the same with the cinema - last time I went was Coraline. Am sort of in shock that I will be going to see Lovely Bones & Alice in Wonderland within a week of each other. Just so difficult getting a babysitter.