Saturday, 21 November 2009

Advent calenders

I was shopping at Tescos with Ladybug when we found these lovely wooden advent calenders, Ladybug had seen the thread on UKS so we thought we would buy a couple and have a go at altering them. I have never altered anything before really so I was really pleased with the way it turned out.

The before shot

(stolen off of Ladybugs blog as I forgot to take a pic of mine before I started painting it! Thats Ladybugs JYC book next to it!!)
On Wednesday evening I sanded and painted the little boxes red and green and painted the roof green. When that was dry I added a coat of pearly glaze and then a coat of glitter glaze. I added some felt trim along the roof edge.

The painted stage!
Today Ladybug came to mine and we spent a lovely day adding the paper and embellishments to our little houses. I used Making Memories Falala paper for mine. I added some of Ladybugs pompoms along the roof line and two little reindeers on the roof(from Tescos). Mine and Ladybugs are very similar, all but the papers really! We added primas, gems, stickers and scalloped frames to the box fronts and used stamps to put the numbers on. I had picked up some felt xmas trees from the local garden centre for our JYC's so we added these to the larger panel with gems to represent lights.

The finished result

I am so pleased with this, I cant stop looking at it!! I am going to fill it with some lovely chocs so roll on Dec 1st! In fact I was sooo pleased with it I got my hubby to pick me up another one when he went to Tescos this evening! So now I have another one to decorate but no-one to give it to! I think I might keep it untill next year and do it then, I just could'nt resist buying another at the bargin price of £5!


LadyBug said...

It looks beautiful!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! I can't wait to get back up to Tesco to see If I can get another two :)

Carmen said...

Yep I have to pick up another two tomorrow. One for me (not allowed to spookify the girls ones) and one for another lady on UKS. I love what you and Paige did - I may have to look out for those reindeer as well ;)

Hope this means you will be altering more stuff, it's so much fun and you are obviously maaaaahvelous at it :D

Suzanne said...


LadyBug said...

SGS!!!!! mojo was supposed to be your Christmas pressie :) Bet ZG has opened her's aswell!!! ;)
thank you for the lovely comment. You and your sister have been the best of friends to me since we meet back in 2007 at the first WCC crop. You are an extremely talented scrapper and the learning has been going both ways! Thank you for being my friend Pxx

LadyBug said...

Oh and when are you going to up date this blog with all your fab JYC pages???