Monday, 8 December 2008

Ok..I should have been postung these daily but I have been playing catch up over the last few days!Day 7....wrapping presents and writing xmas lists of food with mum! DH actually helped with the wrappinh this year!
Day 6....Busy day today! The samba band had to play at the school fete this afternoon (by the way thankyou to the chair of governers who showed her support by complaining of our practising and then standing with her fingers in her ears..WE ARE NOT THAT BAD!)
Then in the evening we had to play again in the Ryde Lantern Parade. It was very cold but carrying and banging on a very big drum soon warms you up!

Day 5....Iv'e used this page for the photos of putting up the decorations, even though we did it on 30th nov!

I made the pocket protectors from a 12x12 page protector, I sewed them in different places to make different size pockets for photos or embellishments or cards.

Day 4.... Bit of a wierd day! The samba band was asked to play for some Chinese delegates that were coming to the island..of course we all thought it was a wind up but it turned out it wasnt and they were all really impressed by our playing!

I didnt actually do anything on this day so I have used it to write down memories of past christmas's.

This is a photo of a prize I won at work! It was a lovely suprise when i got to work that morning!

I had to start the album off with pictures of the kids advent calenders, including the special one my friend Paige made for the kids and filled with chocolate buttons!

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LadyBug said...

the album is looking great Sammi, we will have t get together and compair pages :)